Chairman’s Message | ABP - Academy of Business Professionals


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ABP - Academy of Business Professionals

Chairman’s Message

Md. Sahid Ullah Mazumder| ABP| Chairman of ABP

The ABP team has a clear objective to make education work in the real world appending learning and professionalism to it. They also have a promising expertise as well as a road map to develop human resources of our country. I visualise a bright future of ABP’s mission and vision. I hope the best in this endeavours.

Education is not mere learning from text and preparing oneself for job or business. It is a lifetime asset for an individual and a nation. When it is articulated with expertise, it creates value for living and gains much more. Today’s global situation has become very challenging in terms of development and professionalism. However, youngsters ready to take up these positively if there are opportunities. They want to build up a promising career getting the right guidance in time.

I have the privilege to chair Academy of Business Professionals that delights me for a number of reasons. It opens up great opportunity to be a part of a team which has taken up a national challenge to boost up our education in terms of career and professionalism. No contribution in this sector is enough today because our socio-economic requirement always rely heavily on the shoulders of education. Moreover, an organisation that strives to serve and bridge a gap between what we have and what we should have — requires full fledged support and reinforcement.

Md. Sahid Ullah Mazumder
Deputy Secretary (Rtd.), Ministry of Establishment
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh