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ABP - Academy of Business Professionals

Postgraduate Diploma in

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Nowadays leaders are coming from Supply Chain background. Logistics and supply chain management is a critical area for businesses, particularly in today's competitive and fast-paced business environment. At ABP, we are proud to offer one of the best Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM) in Bangladesh, in collaboration with renowned institutions such as Edupro, UK and CPD, UK.

7 MonthsFlexible Payments
6 Units120 Credits

On Going Batch

PGDLSCM Batch-45

Class Starts:  31 May '24
Classes on:   Every Friday
Class Time:  (06:00 PM- 08:00 PM)

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    Course Content

    Our course covers a wide range of topics, including logistics management, supply chain management, warehouse management, inventory management, Procurement, transportation, and distribution.

    Session 1: Logistics Fundamentals
    Session 2: Logistics and Information Technology
    Session 3: Understanding the Supply Chain
    Session 4: Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics
       Session 1: Fundamentals of Operation Management
       Session 2: Operations Strategy
      Session 3: Product Design & Process Selection
      Session 4: Turning Visibilities with Supply Chain Analytics
      Session 1: Managing Demand, Order and Customer Service
       Session 2: Inventory Management
      Session 3: Warehouse Management
      Session 4: Supply Chain Cost Management
       Session 1: Select Suppliers and award contracts
       Session 2: Documentation in procurement
      Session 3: Sourcing strategies and supply chain configurations
      Session 4: Exim Supply Chain 

      Session 1: Strategic Supplier Selection And Development
      Session 2: Supply Strategy Development
      Session 3: Network Design Process and Techniques
      Session 4: Market Distribution Strategy
    Session 1: Supply Chain Performance
      Session 2: Transportation and Packaging
      Session 3: Transportation Management
      Session 4: The Supply Chain Challenges and Future
    PGDLSCM - Certificate
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    Industry Expert Trainers

    Our faculty members are not only experts in logistics and supply chain management but also have experience

    in a wide range of industries, providing our students with a diverse perspective on the challenges and opportunities in this field.

    A Picture of Mohammed Zia Uddin CSCM- Trainer of supply chain managment in ABP Bangladesh.

    Mohammed Zia Uddin CSCM, FCILT

    Director Supply,
    Reckitt Benckiser, Bangladesh &
    Srilanka Cluster

    A Picture of M A Raquib - Trainer of supply chain management ABP Bangladesh.

    M A Raquib

    CEO (Fabric Division) DBL Group
    Former Chief Technology Officer
    Meghna Group of Industries
    Former Director Operations Super Star Group
    Former CEO, Super Star Fan Limited

    A Picture of Mohammad Nazmuzzaman Hye, CMILT - Trainer of supply chain managment in ABP Bangladesh.

    Mohammad Nazmuzzaman
    Hye, CMILT

    Faculty - Dhofar University, Oman;
    Former, General Manager, Interport Group;
    Former, Contract Manager at Accenture;
    Former, Procurement Manager at Grey and Huawei Technologies (BD) Ltd.
    M.Sc. in Logistics Management – UCSI University, Malaysia

    A Picture of Abdullah Al Masud - Trainer of supply chain management in ABP Bangladesh.

    Abdullah Al Masud

    Former General Manager- Supply Chain
    Akij Resources Limited
    Former Consultant Procurement International
    Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
    Former Head of Operation
    Unitas Group of Companies Ltd.

    A Picture of Mohammad Mamun Chowdhury - Trainer of supply chain management in ABP Bangladesh.

    Mohammad Mamun

    MBA (IBA), MBA (DU), BSc (BUET)
    Head of Supply Chain at Rahimafrooz
    Former Senior Manager at
    LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Limited
    Former Production Leader, Decthlon
    Sports Bangladesh

    A Picture of Noman Ahmed Khan - Trainer of supply chain management in ABP Bangladesh.

    Noman Ahmed Khan

    Deputy Registrar, Islamic University
    of Technology (IUT)

    A Picture of K M SABBIR NOMAN - Trainer of supply chain management in ABP Bangladesh.


    Manager, SCM [HOD, Factory] in
    Abul Khair Consumer Goods Division

    Our Corporate Clients

    PGDLSCM Alumni shared their experiences

    PGDLSCM Alumni shared their experiences

    I've been a Pharmacist at UNHCR's Cox's Bazar warehouse under GK since 2019. I enroled in ABP’s PGD-LSCM course, thanks to a relative’s recommendation. The LSCM course at ABP has significantly improved my skills as a healthcare supply professional, making me a better “Supply Hero.”
    Sultan Mahmud A student of supply chain management in ABP
    Sultan Mahmud
    স্পেসিফিক কোনো এরিয়ায় এক্সপার্টাইজ না থাকা মানে অনেকটা শার্টের সবকিছুই টিপটপ কিন্ত শার্টের বাটন নেই, ইন্ডাস্ট্রি এক্সপার্টদের রিয়েল টাইম এক্সাম্পল আমার ক্যারিয়ারে অনেক বোল্ড ডিসিশন নিতে সাহায্য করে। আমি মনে করি সিভিতে প্রফেশনাল ডিগ্রি একটা এডেড এডভান্টেজ দিয়ে থাকে। এবিপির আপ-টু-ডেট কোর্স কন্টেন্ট আমাকে মার্কেটের অনেক টুলস এডাপ্ট করতে সাহায্য করেছে যা আমার ক্যারিয়ারে অনেক ইম্প্যাক্ট রেখেছে।
    Jahid Hossain A student of supply chain management in ABP
    Jahid Hossain
    Batch: 04
    এবিপির কোর্স আমাকে প্রফেশনালি গ্রোথের জন্য সবচেয়ে বেশি অবদান রাখছে। সাপ্লাই চেইন ম্যানেজমেন্ট (পিজিডি) তে জয়েন করার পরে যা শিখেছি তা যখন রিয়েল লাইফ সিনারিওর সাথে মিলে যাচ্ছিলো এবং আমি সেটা ইমপ্লিমেন্টও করতে পারছিলাম তখন আমার মনে হয়েছে ‘সামথিং ইজ ডিফারেন্ট’। মেডিকেল প্রফেশন থেকে জেনারেল সাপ্লাই চেইনে রোল রাখা আমার জন্য জটিল ছিলো। ওভারল এটা আমাকে প্রফেশনালি ডেভেলপ করেছে, ইথিক্যালিও ডেভেলপ করেছে।
    Shuvo Kumar Biswas A student of supply chain management in ABP
    Shuvo Kumar Biswas
    Batch: 25


    • 250 GB hard drive or higher
    • 4 GB RAM or higher
    • 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
    • Windows 11, 10, 7 or MAC OS 10.10 or later
    • Microsoft Edge, Firefox 48 or later, Safari 11 or later
    • Anti-virus program (updated regularly)
    • Computer microphone and speakers
    • Web Camera
    • High-speed Wi-Fi connection obtained either at home (preferred for the best study setting) or via an outside source, such as the library, a quiet restaurant, etc.

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