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When you feel temperature in your body or you feel that your nerve is not working, you run to doctors’ chambers, hospital even go to abroad. You take the advice for improvement, take the medicine and get cured. You are in business; you are in job and you face some kind of issues for which you are not getting the right advice. You are not cured and getting frustrated over job and profession.

Take the advice from the right professionals and improve your business and profession’s condition. ABP’s industry expert professionals will be available in our Chamber for you. Take the appointment and get cured!


Chambers are open on weekend. Right at this moment we have following professionals at your service:

Supply Chain Chamber

- Nazmuzzaman Hye
- Mamun Chowdhury

HR Chamber

- Emdadul Karim
- Khandakar Saiful Islam

SME Business Chamber

- Md Arifur Rahman
- Sharif Abu Hayat Opu
- Md Rizvee Rahman
- AZM Shohel

Tax Vat Chamber

- Anwarul Islam
- Mahmudul Hoq FCA
- Hasnat Sadruddin Roomi FCA
- Md Billah FCA

Business Management Chamber

- Khasrul Matin
- Mirza Shihab

Project Management Chamber

- Mohaminur Rahman

Islamic Finance Chamber

- Shah Mohammad Waliullah
- Mesbah Uddin Ahmed
- Nesar Atiq
- Habibur Rahman

Sales & Digital Marketing Chamber

- Yousuf Efti
- Muhammad Shakhawat Hossen Himu

Why ABP?



inshAllah we guarantee that none of your business information will go outside not to competitors. We understand how important business information are for any business.


Experienced Industry Expert

You have the option to pick the expert from our pool of experienced professionals who worked in the respective area for at least 10-years.


Services on demand

You are short of money? Short of time? No problem, you can get the consultation at your convenience.


We provide free assessment of your condition completely
free for 15 minutes.