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Learn Discipline from Disciplined People

Learn Discipline from Disciplined People

Discipline is challenging, but..
Do you NOT think that discipline is challenging? Even experts acknowledge the fact. However, yes, the fruit it bears is sweet.
Be smart. Identify issues as early as possible. Just like Jack did!
Jack is working in mid-management at a reputed organisation. He joined this concern after struggling for six months, last December. His job-age is, therefore, more than six months already.
Jack is suffering from ‘corporate indiscipline’. Good that he has realized it! His works have been left unorganised. The office desk, official documents, and even the computer files — all have taken a grave poor shape! Since last month, he has found himself highly affected by this haphazard situation. Often his common question to himself is: ‘Where is that document?!’
Last week, when the Director, Administration asked Jack’s department to submit an important document of recent trade, Jack just couldn’t turn it in time! That was a heart-throbbing situation. He realised quite well that the top management had made a negative remark regarding the matter. Jack was individually guilty of a time loss.
Today, sitting at his desk in the office after lunch, Jack’s some quotes from his B.Com and MBA professors’ lectures echo into his ears, which, until these recent incidents, he had never ever paid attention to.
For instance, he remembers the value of time discussed by one of his favorite professors in the project management class. He also remembers the basic functions of a manager discussed by a lecturer in the management class. The basic functions were in short mentioned as POLC: planning, organising, leading and controlling. Jack realises how unorganised he has been since he has joined this dream job.
Today another recent incident just popped into his mind!
Just a couple of days ago, he received an email from the Academy of Business Professionals (ABP). He just remembers it was written: ‘Become a well-organised effective manager’. He now regrets thinking back about how soon he had deleted it and thought these are just a waste of time.

When all these were storming in Jack’s mind, he intuitively opened the browser and typed the academy of business professionals in Google’s search box. His supervisor has already told him to look for some standard good training if required. Jack needs to get rid of this messy condition and manage himself better.
One important message for you! Discipline requires learning from disciplined people.

Sagar islam