Academy of Business Professionals
Academy of Business Professionals (ABP)

ABP Terms and Conditions


I Confirm that I understand and agree to abide by the regulations and conditions of course(s) and admission set out below:


I will make the payment before the last date of admission or registration.

I understand that for making payment online additional ‘bank/online charge’ will be applied over the regular fees.

I will make payment of any dues (if any) within agreed time as set out during my admission to the course. And ABP reserves the right to cancel my studentship or withheld my exam results for late payment of any dues. 

My studentship will be automatically void for involvement in any activity/organisation which is subversive to the country or state-law.

I acknowledge that ABP reserves the right to verify the information (including certificates, NID) given with the admission form and have the authority to cancel my studentship for any kind of false or misleading information. 

I will not engage in any political discussion at ABP which would be against the rules or law of the state.

During the class and my presence at ABP I will maintain courtesy, code of conduct and professionalism with the teachers, administrators, supporting staff and co-learners.

I will take maximum care of books, tools and assets at ABP.

I agree that ABP cannot take any responsibility for any external factors in respect of my circumstances, payment or enrolment, nor for informing me or any other parties of changes in immigration or other legislation.  ABP takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading information given by any international representative or agent.  In the event of circumstances requiring urgent medical care where it is not possible to contact the parent/guardian, I authorise ABP to seek and provide appropriate medical care within their capacity.

As a student of ABP, everyone is liable to behave in professional and disciplined manner. Any misconduct will lead to termination of studentship without any refund of the fees.

I will maintain the dress code which are formal, professional and generally accepted in Bangladesh. 


Refund Policy:

I acknowledge that fees and payments made to ABP are non-refundable and non-transferrable to any other courses or semester whatever the circumstances arise in future.

Bank processing fee will be deducted if any refund is made for any unavoidable circumstances.


Examination and Results Policy::

I acknowledge that during the exam, possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is considered as breaking the rules, even if I don’t intend to use it, and I will be subject to penalty and possible disqualification.

If I commit any kind of malpractice in an examination, my script will be void and cancelled, and no marks will be awarded.

I will not communicate with, receive assistance from or copy from the paper of another student during an examination. I acknowledge that I must take reasonable steps to ensure that my assessments are kept secure so that I do not enable another person to copy my work.

I acknowledge that ABP owns all exam materials including scripts. No exam scripts and question paper are handed over to me either electronically or in hard copy.

I am informed that ABP has no provision for re-marking of exam results. However, students have the right to request for an administrative review of the assessed exam script through an application by email to I understand that if any appeal is made the actual marks for each question will not be disclosed and examination scripts will not be returned. As part of the review ABP will only confirm whether or not student reached the pass standard in the exam he/she has attempted.


Certification Policy::

I admit that PGD certificates are issued by Edupro, UK within 4-6 weeks after successful completion of the qualification to ABP. I will need to collect my PGD certificate in my own responsibility from ABP within two months after getting the notification from ABP.

As a student of ABP and Edupro (if appropriate), I will abide by all the professional and ethical code of conduct of ABP and Edupro.

I admit that ‘Certificate of Participation’ are issued by ABP for participating in any Workshop/ Seminar arranged by ABP. I will need to collect my certificate in my own responsibility from ABP within one months.