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Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Risk Management (PCSCRM01)

Effective Supply chain Risk management involves identifying potential risks, assessing their potential impact, and implementing strategies to mitigate or manage those risks. This can include measures such as contingency planning, diversifying suppliers, improving visibility into supply chain operations, and investing in technology and infrastructure to improve resilience. By doing so, organizations can better protect their supply chains and ensure the availability and quality of goods and services to their customers, even in the face of unexpected challenges. 

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    Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Risk Management (PCSCRM)
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    Sat, Wed (8-10PM)
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1 4000
2 4000
Total Payable Amount 8000
More Details:
    Unit 1: Supply Chain Risk & disruptions at a glance
    Unit 2: Supply Chain risk
    Unit 3: Supply Chain risk mitigation Process
    Unit 4: Risk Mitigation Strategy in Supply Chain
    Unit 5: Establishing a resilient Supply Chain

Open for all individuals

50% Marks is enough to get the pass mark