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Postgraduate Diploma in Sales & Digital Marketing (PGDSDM) is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive examination of tactics and strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and search engine marketing aimed at fully leveraging the Internet for achieving business goals such as acquiring, converting, and retaining customers. This course enables learners to integrate new tactics and strategies with traditional sales and marketing tools and practices.


global contents combined with theory and practice


Weekend classes for job holders

recognised certificate from globally reputed organisation


Postgraduate Diploma in Sales & Digital Marketing has following six units.

UNIT 1: Organisation and Development of the Sales Force

Session 1: Sales force and its organisation

Session 2: Motivating Sales Environment

Session 3: Communication in Sales Force

Session 4: Sales Force Training

UNIT 2: Planning, Forecasting and Interactions with Customers

Session 1: Sales Planning

Session 2: Forecasting Sales

Session 3: Sales Promotion

Session 4: B2B Marketing

UNIT 3: Sales Force Management and Control

Session 1: Territory Management

Session 2: Sales Force Administration

Session 3: Sales Management control

Session 4: AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Sales and Marketing

UNIT 4: Digital Marketing Strategy

Session 1: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Session 2: Aligning with Business Strategy

Session 3: Display and Social Media

Session 4: Content Marketing Strategy

UNIT 5: Creatives

Session 1: User Experience Design

Session 2: Web Development and Design

Session 3: Writing for Digital

Session 4: SEO and Paid Search

UNIT 6: Integrated Advertising and Marketing

Session 1: IMC Foundation

Session 2: Managing Campaign

Session 3: Database Marketing

Session 4: Evaluating Integrated Marketing Programme

Credits: 6 Units x 20 credits = 120 credits

Please note that the above structure and units may be subject to change.


Admission is open to individuals with an undergraduate degree from a recognised institution.

Those who do not hold a degree, but have exceptional professional experience in the relevant area are eligible to apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If, as expected, demand from qualified applicants exceeds available places, applicants are ranked for admission purposes on the basis of first come first serve basis and suitability for the programme. A waiting list may apply.

Download Admission Form
PGDSBM Certificate


Who should do

    • Product Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Sales and Marketing Executive
    • Professionals in Branding
    • Brand Strategist
    • Design Manager
    • Advertising Manager
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Team Leader in Branding and Marketing
    • Graduates in any discipline

Who will take the classes

ABP believes that effective learning occurs when the student experiences the application of classroom material to actual business problems.

We hire the  leaders from respective industry who conduct classes and training.

See the complete list of ABP Trainers to check who are engaged with us.

Class schedule

All PGDSDM Classes and Exams are taken online now on Fridays and Saturdays.

Call us at 01791139998, 01844178017 for specific schedule of current batch.

What is the exam system

ABP PGDSDM is unit-based. At this stage each unit is assessed through online exam. Duration of each exam is two and half hours.

Each unit is assessed internally by ABP. Internal assessment means that assessors of ABP are responsible for deciding how students have performed against the standards for the course.

ABP does this by using either assessment tasks that we have devised ourselves, or assessments that Edupro, UK has devised. The internal assessment decisions are externally verified by Edupro, UK.

What is the grading system

As an estimate of what quality of work you’re looking for, take a look at the grading guidelines below:

Distinction: Clearly demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the topic, with a high degree of competence and has excellent usage of relevant literature, theory and methodology. For ease of understanding you need to get at least 80% marks in the assessment.

Merit: Has a critical understanding of the topic, a significant degree of competence and has appropriate usage of the relevant materials. For ease of understanding you need to get at least 65% marks in the assessment.

Pass: Evidence of some critical understanding of the topic, can use structured argument, and has a degree of competence when using relevant materials. For ease of understanding you need to get at least 50% marks in the assessment.

Can I retake an exam

Yes, if you are unable to get at least 50% marks or you could not attend any of the final exam, you can resit for the exam.

To know more about the resit exam process please consult with our Students Service Team.

Who will give the certificate

Once you completed all the units of PGDSDM you are eligible for the certification.

The certificate is awarded by Edupro, UK.


Regular Fee: Tk 30,000

Discounted Fee for COVID-19: Tk 23,000

Payment system:
Tk 3,000 Per Unit (Tk 3,000 x 6=18,000) Payable per month (6 installment) + 5,000 (UK board registration)
Payment link: 


Exclusive offer: Take admission with a one-time payment of Tk 20,000. Save Tk 3,000 more. 
Payment link:

The fee covers everything from admission, awarding body fees, study materials and exam registration. There are no other hidden charges.

How to pay the fees

You can pay the admission fee in any of the following convenient modes:

    • Make payment online
    • Deposit to ABP Bank Account directly
    • POS machine at ABP Admission Desk
    • Cash Payment at ABP Admission Desk

Please call us at 01791 139998, 01844 178017 for further query.

How to take admission

Admissions to ABP PGDSDM courses are taken in different sessions of the year. Follow the simple steps:

1) Download and complete the admission form or collect the admission form from our office.

2) Attach the following documents (and will not be reviewed until these are also received):

a. Certificate of achievement of previous qualifications
b. Transcript of previous qualifications
c. One Passport size photo

Your eligibility for the course will be assessed before your admission is accepted.

Contact us if you require any further assistance regarding admission.


Academy of Business Professionals (ABP) always pays close attention to convenient approach in terms of Admission Procedure.

Online Admission Form

Document Requirement:

Online Admission form must also be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Certificate of achievement of previous qualifications
  • One Passport size photo
  • Copy of NID