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In recent years, Bangladesh has witnessed a notable rise in the adoption of online education. Numerous causes, notably the COVID-19 epidemic, which pushed many educational institutions to switch to online platforms, have contributed to this development.

The flexibility it provides is by far online education's greatest benefit in Bangladesh. It is simpler for students to juggle their studies with other commitments when they may study at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Online education in Bangladesh has allowed students to access a variety of technical and vocational training programmes in addition to traditional academic courses. As a result, there are now more job options for people in the nation.

The way we learn and access education in Bangladesh has been completely transformed by online education. As high-speed internet and reasonably priced devices proliferate, more and more students and teachers are using online learning environments to supplement or replace traditional classroom instruction.

Few other online education platforms deserve commendation and enormous admiration in this revolution journey for entering a whole new level.


1. The 10 Minute School deserves special recognition, in our opinion. This cutting-edge platform has had a significant impact on Bangladeshi students' access to top-notch education. Live classes, Short-engaging video lessons are used to teach a range of disciplines at The Ten Minute School, which has a distinctive method of instruction. This enables people to study at their own pace and quickly review material as needed. The impact Ten Minute School team is having on the lives of so many youngsters as well as their commitment to excellence leave us in awe. Continue your fantastic effort!

2. Shikho is one of the Bangladeshi e-learning platforms with the quickest growth. By offering top-notch animated video lessons, interactive live classes, graphic learning journeys, ongoing evaluation, and performance analytics, they are redefining how students learn outside of the classroom.

3. Mojaru is a humorous educator in a digital learning platform. Every lesson in every class is delivered by an artistic manner, whether it be through gameshows, Alif Layla as the monster, or Jatrapala. Many courses are available through Mojaru to help kids ages 4 to 18 improve their literacy, numeracy, scientific, and technology skills. Over 5,000 children received fundamental instruction to become citizens through these lectures last year.

4. Bohubrihi is putting in a lot of effort to give aspirant students from all across Bangladesh the chance to engage in and contribute to some of the most appealing and innovative industries of the twenty-first century.

5. Thriving Skill encourages lifelong learning to improve interpersonal connections. The Fourth Industrial Revolution presented significant challenges to businesses and, particularly, to people.

6. Ghoori Learning - ঘুড়ি লার্নিং provides specialised skill-based courses taught by professionals in the field. Beginning everything were the BBC Janala English Courses. Ghoori Learning is currently offering innovative and captivating courses in a range of subjects.

In addition, we have observed the diligent efforts of various e-learning platforms. This revolution is top class, and we praise each of our comrades. Bangladesh's Revolution of Online Education Platform is on the right track.

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